RYA Training Centre logoThe Quoile Yacht Club is a Recognised Training Club.   It is licensed By the RYA to provide Instruction in a range of Sailing and Powerboat Courses.

Brian Baker is the RTC Principal and is responsible for organising courses and ensuring that they are run in accordance with the RYA Course syllabus.

John Magowan is the Quoile's Chief Instructor Powerboats, with Paul Magowan (ex winner of the RYA National Youth Powerboat championships) as additional Powerboat Instructor.

Hammy Baker is the Senior Sailing Instructor, and Hammy organises  RYA Sail Training courses at the club with other Sailing Instructors working under his guidance.

As regards Powerboat Courses, the starter course is the Powerboat level 1 course and can be taken from the age of 8 years. Between 8 and 12 years this qualification allows use of safety craft but with a responsible adult on board. This is a one day course with an Instructor/pupil ratio of 1:3.

The Powerboat level 2 course can be taken from the age of 12 years. Between 12 and 16 this qualification allows the use of safety craft under the supervision of a responsible adult, not necessarily on board. This is a two day course with an Instructor/pupil ratio of 1:3.  Most Club members should be able to go directly to this course.

The Safety boat endorsement can be taken from the age of 16 if you have a level 2 certificate. This is a worthwhile two day course with an instructor ratio of 1 to 6, with two boats.  This course covers rescue management and rescue techniques for all kinds of craft.

RYA Training CentreThese are the main qualifications but you can also go on to an Intermediate Powerboat qualification which includes passage making and an Advanced Powerboat qualification which includes night passages under GPS.

As regards Sailing courses, in addition to the Junior Training on Sunday mornings more formal courses are run, both for adults and children at various times during the season.

The Club is licensed to teach Dinghy (NSS) Level 1, 2, and 3 as well as racing techniques.
Also Dinghy (YSS) Level 1, 2, and 3

There are notices on this Web Site,  RTC noticeboard and/or the Chat Room with proposals for courses running this year.    If you want to do any particular course please speak to the Instructors or Principal, there is normally a minimum number required to make the running of the course economically viable.

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