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Quoile Yacht Club is situated in a beautiful area of Strangford Lough and has excellent facilities. It is, and due to the size of the site, will remain a vibrant family type club. If you think you would like to join us, you need to fill in the application form. To complete the relevant parts of the form you must have a proposer and seconder, who are full members of the club. Applicants should discuss the club with proposer/seconder and visit the club with them to be sure QYC will suit their requirements. The Club is keen to promote Dinghy sailing especially amongst young people, has an active National Squib Class for those interested in racing two person keelboats, and wishes to encourage regular handicap class racing especially amongst smaller cruisers. The Club is an RYA Recognised Teaching Club. Dinghy and Powerboat instruction courses are regularly held at the club.

Prospective members need to be aware that:

1. New members over 18 years old attain full membership (from Associate) and voting rights at an AGM or EGM 2 years after joining.

2. Moorings, unless granted at the application stage, are subject to committee approval, and may be subject to a waiting list. Summer or winter slippage fees, based on overall boat length, will apply and be additional, as will fees for a tender.

3. Hard Standing is a major problem due to the size of the winter storage area available for boat parking. If you wish to winter your boat on site then there may be a waiting list for available space. There are rules that restrict usage of the floating Jetty. Basically a boat should not be left on the jetty unless someone capable of moving it is aboard.

4. A caravan site cannot be applied for until you have been a member for 3 years and even then may well be subject to a waiting list. Caravan sites attract additional fees and the turnover is low.

5. Gate Passes which allow you to enter the site when the gate is closed (usually)can be had upon a payment of a small deposit, which is refunded upon its return.

6. Entrance fees (equivalent to one year’s membership fee) are not levied on new cadet or junior members but may be required from other new memberships. There is however no entrance fee for anyone joining in 2018.

The object of the above is to empower prospective new members to approach a membership application with some knowledge. It will reassure you that we wish to retain the excellent ambience in the Club whilst keeping rules and regulations to the minimum possible.
Download a membership application form here>>


Membership Category
JUNIOR 1  (over 18 and under 25 on 1/1/18)   ¼ x single adult fee
JUNIOR 2  (over 25 and under 30 on 1/1/18)   1/3 x single adult fee
JUNIOR FAMILY (over 18 and under 30 of oldest on 1/1/18)   1/3 x family fee
CADET (under 18 on 1/1/14 and not family member)
CREW  ( payable by boat owner)
OUTPORT  (application to committee required)
SINGLE SENIOR  (see page 2)   ½ x single adult fee
SENIOR FAMILY  (see page 2)     25% reduction of family fee when 1st member of family meets criteria, and 50% reduction when 2nd member also meets the criteria.                                          
236.25 or 157.50
INTRODUCTORY (ref constitution #5ia) (see page 2  for fees)
SAILING DINGHIES (per boat inc. those owned by children)
TENDERS (per boat must be under 14ft see definition over)
YEARLY SLIPPAGE (Rate including hard-standing, based on LOA per ft for all vessels >14ft)
£4.56/ ft
SUMMER-ONLY SLIPPAGE (Does not include hard-standing.  Based on LOA per ft  for all vessels >14ft but excludes sailing dinghies)
CARAVAN SITE (Standard touring only) £285 + VAT @ 20% =£342
GATE PASS (Includes £20 deposit)


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